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  • Follow your nose – even in the lab
    by Olivia Sisson on November 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    Debby Silver’s lab at Duke University uses a two pronged approach to better understand how the brain forms. As a Primary Investigator (PI), Debby manages a team of thirteen including postdocs, PhD students, technicians and undergraduates. With microscopy, genomics and a fair bit of intuition Debby and her team have made some pretty exciting discoveries… … Continue reading Follow your nose – even in the lab

  • LabArchives Education Boot Camp
    by Olivia Sisson on November 4, 2020 at 11:12 pm

    Build, organize and manage your course in LabArchives. The fall semester is nearly over. Cue ‘sigh of relief’. We’re here to help as you continue to adjust to this normal and as you begin to plan winter and spring courses. LabArchives online tools make it easy to build, organize and manage your course whether you’re … Continue reading LabArchives Education Boot Camp

  • Coherent Digital: taming wild content to push research further
    by Olivia Sisson on November 3, 2020 at 11:44 pm

    Wild content. You may not know the term but you’ve absolutely experienced it. It’s the family photo album you’ve never gotten around to organizing. It’s your twitter feed. It’s every internet black hole you’ve ever fallen down.  Wild content is all around us. In fact, it’s anything that’s not already living inside of a formalized, … Continue reading Coherent Digital: taming wild content to push research further

  • Breaking down vaccine development with an assay expert
    by Olivia Sisson on October 28, 2020 at 12:07 am

    Maria Dennis, a research analyst in the Permar Lab at Duke University Medical School, is developing vaccines that prevent the spread of HIV from mother to child during the perinatal period. These days Maria and her team work in shifts, only coming into the lab when absolutely necessary. When she does go into the lab, … Continue reading Breaking down vaccine development with an assay expert

  • Ticks: a global issue
    by Olivia Sisson on October 19, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Veterinary Parasitologist, Shona Chandra, is finishing up her PhD at the University of Sydney. While you may not be familiar with Shona’s field, you are likely familiar with her chosen subjects: ticks. We caught up with Shona to learn more about her research, what she’s learned and why she’s sharing it with the scientific community. … Continue reading Ticks: a global issue

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LabArchives’ Notebook IDs API is now available as another benefit to organizations with an enterprise license. The… t.co/KEd1J7sagf

Virtual User Group Event for Researchers and the Research Edition Bootcamp starts today! To learn more:… t.co/BLfotIB5P3

Virtual lab meetings come with their own set of difficulties. If you are looking for ways to streamline this proces… t.co/vU3drMUrwZ

LabArchives’ Site Reports API is now available as another benefit of an enterprise license. The Site Reports API al… t.co/nKsSRrNsf8

Great news for researchers @LabArchives update includes markdown in plain text on all platforms. @adr would be proud!

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Along with the look of a new Notebook Dashboard, Notebook owners can add descriptions on the Notebook Dashboard to… t.co/zTShu1ivgR

Whether you are a current LabArchives user or cautiously sitting on the sidelines reluctant to change old habits, t… t.co/YCdOIldwPp

The Notebook Dashboard, which can be viewed by clicking on the notebook icon at the top of the notebook tree, provi… t.co/EakAz55jeB

Users can now right-mouse click to "Open link in new tab" to open another notebook in a different tab within the sa… t.co/HDGmMxh6VH

We have released an updated version of the Plain Text entry that is mobile friendly and accessible. This entry also… t.co/aHqUJEEtyJ

LabArchives’ Lab Builder content is currently used in 340 courses by nearly 13,500 students. Since its launch, the… t.co/icX9QKAdC2

LabArchives User Growth Grows at Record Pace Through the Pandemic t.co/F4cd5Qf9YE!

@zanna_chase Our lab uses @LabArchives, provided for free by @Columbia. It supports note taking, file storage and p… t.co/QHo8wpQpW9

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As part of our Chief Information Security Officer, Daniel Ayala, three part blog series, the final, part 3 looks at… t.co/jQRZTtNLKu